It’s the spooky time of the year again. But if you’re selling your home, this Halloween could be a great opportunity to make your home stand out.


Every holiday season can actually be a great opportunity to showcase your house as a home – IF you do it right.

Here are some fun ways you can make your home Halloween friendly, without being too ghastly for your buyer.

1. Whatever your personal feelings are about Halloween, selling your house is about making your buyer feel at home. The purpose of staging your home is to appeal to as broad a range of tastes as possible so don’t spook your buyer.

2. Curb appeal is the first step to entice buyers through the front door. First impressions alone can sell your home. Be prepared to make the most of your curb appeal by toning down the decorations, especially for Halloween, so that potential buyers can actually see your home.

3. Take advantage of a fall theme. There’s something crisp and fresh about the harvest season. There are lots of great opportunities to use hearty, natural decor items such as pumpkins, autumn leaves, dried corn, etc.

4. Safety first. Always. Keep the walk in front of and to your home clean and debris-free. Make sure the walkway is well lighted to avoid accidents.

5. Let the light in. Avoid taping paper decorations to your windows. Turn the lights on and create a warm autumn atmosphere inside your living room.

6. Follow your nose. One of the oldest tricks to sell a house at any time of the year is to make sure it smells as good as it looks. And at Halloween, you can totally justify pumpkin pie spices and apple ciders. So get started on your holiday baking and make your buyers hungry for treats.

7. Take down decorations after the Halloween. The day after Halloween, take down all decorations. It’s back to staging the best curb appeal possible. Jack-o-lanterns rotting on the front step scream silent screams of forlorn and neglect and any out-of-season decorations can make your home start to look abandoned.

8. Clean up. Check your property for trash, trampled flowers and stray candy. Freshen your landscape again–trim bushes, rake leaves, wash the driveway and add a beautiful autumn wreath on your front door.

Halloween is not only a great opportunity for kids (trick or treat!), it’s also a good chance for homebuyers to showcase their house as a home.