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Riverdale Bronx
Image Credit: New York Times


Single-family homes, tall and green trees lined along the road, rock walls plus a view of the Hudson River – these are the ingredients that attract people to live in Riverdale. The air smells fresh and the trees line up to form a tunnel, giving it a rural atmosphere. Living in Riverdale is like living in the crossroad of urban and rural life. Known for its beautiful summer houses and winding roads, Riverdale has been a refuge to Manhattan dwellers who want to escape the summer heat. John F. Kennedy lived along Independence Avenue when he was young. Other important people who used to frequent the Van Cortlandt House were George Washington and British General William Howe.


Riverdale is located in the Northwestern part of the Bronx, New York and is bordered by the city of Yonkers and the Hudson River. The area, approximately 3 square miles, is one of the most elevated parts of New York City, providing a panoramic view of well-known landmarks and attractions like Empire State Building, George Washington Bridge, New Jersey Palisades and of course the Hudson River. Riverdale is also known for its leafy environment. Tall trees, green parks and shrubs surround the town, making it unbelievable that such an area exists in New York City.


The public elementary (Spuyten Duyvil School) and the public middle/high school Riverdale/Kingsbridge Academy are located at the Southern end of Riverdale. All schools have above-average scores in progress reports. Aside from public schools, there are also private schools including Horace Mann School, the Ethical Culture Fieldston School and the Riverdale Country School. The rise of the Jewish population has lead to the creation of Salanter Akiba Riverdale Academy, an Orthodox Jewish elementary school.


Riverdale is very accessible to commuters by train, car and bus. You can take the Metro-North Railroad’s Hudson line from the Riverdale station down to the Grand Central Terminal. And instead of driving to the train station, there are buses that are timed according to the schedule of the train. There are also express New York City MTA buses that service the area. If you’re driving, you can get to Riverdale using the Henry Hudson Parkway (Route 9A), and by Broadway via the Broadway Bridge.


Riverdale is an exclusive and quiet neighborhood is quite different from New York’s other cities. Young people may find it boring compared to the liveliness of the rest of the city, but most residents welcome the serenity and peace in the community. So what are the things to do in this part of the Bronx?

The best thing about Riverdale is that it is rich in nature. The hilly and rocky landscape provides an exciting challenge for bikers, hikers and mountain climbers. You can also have a go at catching some fish along the pier or at the freshwater lake. Riverdale is also famous for its big parks and 13 cricket fields.

Derfner Judaica Museum, which houses antique Jewish objects used in weddings and other ceremonies, represents the contribution of the Jewish community to the culture and history of Riverdale. It is also easy to lose one’s self in Wave Hill, is a botanical garden which features two preserved historic mansions.


There are not many shops and restaurants in Riverdale and most people go to Manhattan in search of a night life. There’s the Sky View Shopping Center on Riverdale Avenue, and for restaurants, they have Carlos and Gabby’s Glatt Kosher Mexican Grill, Connaughton’s Riverdale Steak House and Bronx Burger House.


One of the perks of living in Riverdale is the low crime rate. Actually, it has the lowest crime rate in New York City, staying true to its suburban lifestyle. This is also the reason why this town is one of the most sought after and most popular residential areas in the Big Apple. The houses have mixed designs, with the development of the town making way for progress and easy access from the outside population. It is a mix of single family residential buildings, low and mid-rise apartments, new condo developments, hillside homes and Georgian- and Tudor-revival mansions. With its diverse home styles and peaceful neighborhoods, Riverdale remains one of the most popular locations in the Bronx.