Handsaw, hammer, level, nails and folding ruler on wooden backgroundShould you renovate or not? When you want to sell your home faster and for a good price, the answer should be yes. Renovation should be a part of your staging process, but you have to watch out for costs. Avoid high end fixtures, fittings and features if you want a good return on your investment.

Fixing up your home and improving your home’s features increases your chance of captivating good buyers. Prospective buyers can easily picture themselves living in your home. However, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on major renovation. You should understand which reno projects are worth doing and which are not.

Here are some renovation ideas to help you sell faster.

1. Kitchens and bathrooms. While bedrooms and the living space are usually the cheapest rooms to renovate, due to the minimal plumbing and electrical work required, bathrooms and kitchens are what sell houses. You can make a dated bathroom or kitchen look fresher without having to go through a complete rebuild process. Keep colors and materials neutral and “unoffensive”. Aim to provide plenty of bench space and storage in the kitchen, and modern appliances.

2. Remove redundant space. Many homes have spaces that are wasted. Spaces like these are often transformed with additional shelving. Or they can be assimilated into another room to create a wardrobe or home office niche.

3. Take advantage of the outdoors. Creating an easy flow between indoors and out is a no-brainer today. Glass sliding doors and French doors help to make the interior spaces seem larger – the eye is drawn out to the garden beyond. Try not to compromise on the size of the doors, especially the height. Taller doors will bring in a lot more light. An attractive outdoor seating area appeals to potential buyers, even it it’s just a small table and two chairs.

4. Pay attention to the little things. There are a number of cost-effective small projects that help to get your property market-ready that don’t require significant financial investment. These include repointing, doing a garden clean-up, patching up paintwork and repairing loose fixtures and fittings. You can also replace door handles, kitchen cupboards and light fixtures to modernize your home and add to its saleability.