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New City is one of the hamlets included in the Town of Clarkstown, along with includes Bardonia, Nanuet, Congers and Valley Cottage and the village of Upper Nyack. With a population of 33,559 in 2010, it has a very high cost of living which is 142, with the US Average only at 100. This makes New City one of the most expensive places to live. It also has the highest population in Rockland County.

New City was created as the county seat for Rockland County, when it separated from Orange County in 1798. Due to difficulty in travel, New City was assigned as the county seat because of its central location. The name New City came from the founders’ vision of a “new city” when they created it.


New City has a total area of 16.3 square miles, 15.6 of it is land and the rest is water. Being the county seat, New City houses the Clarkstown Police Department, Sheriff’s office and corrections facility. New City is very accessible from the major roadways of Rockland County, providing easy access to major places in New York like Bergen County, New Jersey, Westchester County, New York, Manhattan, and the Bronx.

New City was a suburban community in the heart of New York. That is until the 1950’s when the Tappan Zee Bridge was constructed and Palisades Interstate Parkway was opened. These two made commuting to New York an easy task, attracting people to live in the small but accessible hamlet that is New City. The opening of the bridge has also led to major developments in the area including banks, retail, and real-estate companies, restaurants, shops, a movie theatre and bars. These developments transformed New City from a quiet rural community to a populated suburb of New York City.


The education system in New City is comprised of 2 major school districts—Clarkstown Central School District with 16 schools and total student population of 10,753; and East Ramapo Central School District (spring Valley) with 14 schools and 7,796 students.


As the county seat, New City attracts a large traffic of workers, visitors and residents everyday. It is has also one of the busiest business district in the county. But it is also home to great places and events like The Kennedy Funding Invitational, an unofficial tennis tournament that raises money for breast cancer research which is usually held at the Paramount Country Club.

New City is also where the Dutch Garden is located, a public and historic garden designed by Mary Horgan Mowbray-Clarke, a West Nyack native, as a memorial to the early settlers of the county. Today, the Dutch Garden serves as event venues for weddings and concerts. In spring, the country park displays a wide range of flowering bulbs. Another famous garden is the Van Houten Gardens located at Little Tor Road. The garden was previously part of the Cropsey Farm.

Aside from these, New City is also home to museums, restaurants, hotels, bars and other business establishments.