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Located in Westchester County, Mount Vernon is a bustling city which shares a border with the Bronx. This unique location has made observers view Mount Vernon as a city with two faces: one is a quiet suburban district, and the other is an active, densely populated downtown. Named after the birthplace of President George Washington, many notable people call Mount Vernon their hometown, including Sidney Poitier, Dick Clark, and Denzel Washington.



Mount Vernon City School District educates an estimated 9,000 students. There are 11 elementary schools, two middle schools, two high schools, and one high school that offers alternative program.

The elementary schools are:

The middle schools are:

The high schools are:

Though there have been many areas in which the Mount Vernon school district has needed to improve, it is currently implementing large-scale changes to address deficiencies through personnel and policy amendments. The Mount Vernon City School District spends $20,497 per pupil in current expenditures. School district spending in Mount Vernon is allocated as such: 69% on instruction, 30% on support services, and 2% on other elementary and secondary expenditures. Student-to-teacher ratio somehow conforms to the NY state average of 13 students per full-time teacher, with Mount Vernon’s being 14 students for every full-time teacher. Seventeen percent of students in the Mount Vernon School District go through IEP or Individualized Education Program, a written plan especially for students who are eligible for special needs services. The District also serves 8% ELL or English Language Learners. The ELL comprises of students who are trying to acquire and learn English language skills.


More than 5,000 commuters travel across the city on a daily basis. Most people rely on the Bee-Line Bus System for mass transit. Buses are stationed at the Petrillo Plaza in downtown Mount Vernon. Commuters also use the Metro North commuter railroad and taxi services that also operate from Petrillo Plaza. There are two Metro North commuter lines travelling from three different train stations. One is the Harlem line traversing from north-south, and the other is the New Haven line which services east-west of the city.

Residents of the city have efficient access to the New York City’s MTA subway service. Both the 2 and 5 trains have terminals located just south of the Mount Vernon border. Three busy parkways transect the city and link it to New York City, namely the Bronx River, Cross County, and the Hutchinson River Parkways. These major parkways serve as a gateway to NYC, Connecticut, and other cities of Westchester County.

Bee-Line Bus System Timetables and Maps:


The city holds numerous annual events, both indoors and outdoors. These include the Arts on Third Street Festival held in the month of September. It is the largest arts and entertainment festival in the entire borough with more than 50,000 people going out to the streets to participate in the one-day event. There are also various grassroots organizations providing support and recognizing local artists for their work.

Other events that take place periodically are Memorial Day in May, Ben Gordon Day in August, Summer Breeze Concert Series, Veterans Day in November, and go-cart races in main thoroughfares.

Mount Vernon is proud to have the following landmarks:

  • Mount Vernon Public Library – It is the largest library in Westchester.
  • Mount Vernon Hospital – This 115 year old hospital is known for its premier and advanced Chronic Wound Treatment and Hyperbaric Center.
  • Willson’s Woods Park – A 23-acre county-run park with a historic English Tudor-style bathhouse and water park with wave pool.
  • Hutchinson Field – Features the Ice Hutch, a domed sports complex perfect for playing indoor ice hockey, golf, and tennis during winter.


Mount Vernon is home to many restaurants that are sure to satisfy your cravings. You can dine at the Bayou Restaurant for a plateful of Cajun food while enjoying live music and entertainment. Enjoy good old Neapolitan and Sicilian style pizza and Neapolitan food at Joe’s Fleetwood and Johnny’s. If you’re a fan of steaks and Caribbean cuisine, then head out to Ripe Kitchen and Bar. You’ll never look at sushi the same way again once you’ve tried what’s on the menu of Yoshino Asian Fusion restaurant, which serves vegan-friendly dishes, too.


Mount Vernon is just a 30-minute ride on Metro-North into Midtown Manhattan. When in the hub, take a walk along Gramatan Avenue and enjoy the basic staples offered by commercial establishments, from shopping centers to green markets and banks.

Within the same area, you have access to Fresh Daily Inc. for your daily dose of freshly baked goodies. Mount Vernon is also home to one of the best grocery retailers in New York, which has been around for almost 60 years, Foodtown. Family shopping is never complete unless you pay a visit to Target. Shopaholics will also enjoy browsing the items at TJ Maxx. There are art galleries, furniture stores, and even antique discount stores like Adams Unlimited. Indeed, Mount Vernon is a haven for people who love to shop.


Today, there are more than 98 different nationalities calling Mount Vernon home. In its 4.4 square miles live a plethora of ethnic backgrounds, ranging from German, Portuguese, Arab, Indian, Italian, Korean, Jamaican, and Jewish. A significant proportion of the population is made up of Brazilians heavily concentrated along and near West Lincoln Avenue. The city government and the Brazilian Consulate in New York estimate that one in every 10 people in Mount Vernon is of Brazilian descent.

The city continues to draw newcomers not only for its strong economy, but also for the attractive housing options available. Regardless of which side of the city you choose, there are rich varieties of single-family homes that are comparatively cheaper than the neighboring cities. In the northern Fleetwood, Colonial houses dating back to the 1920s make charming retirement homes. Younger families with a taste for urban life can go shopping for apartment buildings and public housing in the southern part of the city.

Mount Vernon is  a small town with a big city appeal. It is home to diverse culture yet everyone has so much in common. The city is undergoing an economic rejuvenation that is attracting people from all walks of life. If you want to be part of a rising metropolis, Mount Vernon is the right place to be.