iStock_000041406282_LargeWe all know that the spring and summer months are the busiest months for real estate. The weather is nice and the days are longer so people are open to visiting homes for sale. These months are also good for moving in especially for kids who are going to school. However, the buying and selling season usually starts to slow down during autumn.

Here are some tips to improve your chances of selling your home before the winter season.

  • Fall Cleaning – Same concept with Spring Cleaning. In order to sell during the Fall, you have to tidy things up. Eliminate clutter, throw out things you have collected over the past few months but will no longer use. When the leaves start to fall, clear walkways and gutters with rakes and leaf blowers. You don’t want to have a messy pile of leaves near your front door when people come in for a viewing.
  • Fall Curb Appeal – Spruce up the exterior of your home with seasonal flowers such as mums or pumpkins. Go for flowers and decorations that would last until the start of the winter season. You can also add a wreath or a few Halloween decorations in time for the holidays.
  • Outdoor Furniture – Make the most of your deck or patio this Fall season. You can arrange patio furniture like chairs or ottomans while the weather is still good.
  • Monitor Temperatures – Although it is still months away from the winter season, the temperature can be chilly. Keep your home warm by adding rugs and adjusting the heater. You can make your home more comfortable by preparing hot drinks and adding candles for added warmth.
  • Make your home winter-ready – Buyers want a home that will need minimal changes or repairs. If they see that your home is winter-ready, it reflects the care and maintenance that you do for the house. It also means less work for the buyer.

It is never too late to sell your home. Every season opens different opportunities for you to sell your home.