picket-fences-349713_1920Moving in to your new home is a stressful and tiring event. You have to pack your stuff, schedule your move and then unpack all your things once you get into your new home. You also have to take care of transferring the utilities to your name or get some issues repaired.

Once you’re all settled down, time to handle the next challenge: settling in your community. To do this, you have to start getting to know your neighbors first and get familiar with them. Remember, you’re going to be living next to them for quite a long time. Here is some advice to remember when befriending your new neighbors.

  1. Knock. There’s no simpler way of getting to know your neighbors than walking over to their home and knocking on their door. Start by introducing yourself and your family. However, you have to consider your timing. You don’t want to catch them during their busy schedule or when they’re having dinner. Try to catch them when they are relaxing or when they are outside.
  2. Notes. Don’t have the courage to walk up and introduce yourself to your neighbor? You can simply leave a note  their door, mailbox or porch. Personalize your note for every neighbor. You can invite them over for coffee or tea to get to know each other.
  3. Find a common ground. If you and your neighbor have kids going to the same school, you can walk your child to the school bus and strike up a short and simple conversation. Or if you both have pets, you can walk them together to the park. Having something in common makes it easier for both parties to communicate.
  4. Smile. Nothing brings people closer to each other than a smile. Smiling makes you look more friendly, happy and approachable. Your neighbors would be more willing to talk to you and get to know you if you have a happy disposition.

Got some more tips on how to get to know your neighbors better? Share with us in the comments below.