Helpful Homeowner Resources

10 Steps To Winterizing Your Home


Can you feel winter right around the corner? The temperature is getting lower everyday and the air is becoming frigid. This time of year, your electricity bill shoots up because of the heater. But instead of turning on your heater, there are other ways to make your home warmer without the added … Continue reading...

5 Ways To Go Green At Home

House and path covered in grass showing environmentally friendly living.

As green living, environmental conservation, and global warming issues dominate the media, more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of conserving our natural resources. Suddenly, being green is in. This trend is not only becoming obvious in the major industries but in everyday … Continue reading...

8 Signs You Are Hiring A Bad Contractor


So you've finally gotten over the itch to pick up that hammer and do your own DIY renovation because you realized you don’t have the expertise to do the job right. And besides, you might do more harm than good, right? Well, you’re probably right. But it’s difficult to find out if you’re hiring a … Continue reading...