Selling your home can be a very emotional decision. After all the time, effort, money and resources poured into making your home stylish and comfortable, letting it go can be difficult. Even deciding to sell is a gut-wrenching, tough call to make. But for some reason, it has to get done.

Now, first thing you have to do when you’re selling your home is to detach yourself from the memories of the time you spent in that house. It is a challenge, but if you can’t get through this first step, you are sure to mess up this transaction. To help you be mentally prepared, focus on your reason for selling instead. And to make sure that you have a smooth transaction, here are 7 common mistakes that sellers should avoid.

1. Skipping your home inspection. Even though you’ve lived in that house, you still have to make sure that you inspect every corner of the property for possible problems. Check the roof, gutters, flooring and windows so you know if there are things that has to be repaired or improved. This way, you are more confident when you negotiate with the buyer.

2. Skimping the sales prep. Do not put your house on the market without any sales prep. Repaint it if you have to, and repair what needs to be fixed. Listing it for sale as it is might lead to your house sitting in the market for a longer period. Or worse, you’ll never get a buyer.
3. Choosing the wrong realtor. The realtor you’ll be working with has a very important role in your transaction. The realtor will be the connection between the seller and the buyer. If your realtor doesn’t have enough information or enough contacts, you might end up getting a bad deal. Check out the reputation of your realtor and make sure that he has local market knowledge and sales expertise to help you out.

4. Disregarding your curb appeal. In the case of selling houses, your first impression is the only impression you can make. If the buyer is not interested at first sight, you lose that chance. If you spend time to spruce up the inside of your house, make sure that the exterior is also well prepared. Pull out the weeds, mow your lawn, fix your pathway and repaint your door. These small improvements can make a difference when you show your buyer around.

5. Withholding information from buyers. If there’s a leak on the roof and you haven’t fixed it by the time your buyer shows up, let them know that you’re working on it and make sure that it’s fixed next time they visit. Do not lie or hide information from buyer because it could lead to a messy negotiation or worse, the buyer can sue you if the transaction has already concluded.

6. Overpricing. Your realtor, with his or her knowledge and expertise in the real estate market, should be able to help you determine a fair and reasonable price for your home. If you overprice your home because you’ve decided to make more profit or you think your house is worth more than what the realtor has quoted, you might find yourself with no buyer or selling for lower than the “fair and reasonable” price.

7. Letting your kids and pets ruin your sale. If you know that there are buyers coming around to see the house, make sure that there are no children or pets running around. The house has to be clean, neat and presentable when you show buyers around to help them visualize living in it.

Selling your home is tough, not just emotionally but physically and mentally as well. Read up on tips on how to sell a house, avoid these common mistakes and listen to your realtor.