Selling a home can be complicated but with the help of a professional real estate agent, the selling process can be easier and faster.

Whether you’re selling your home yourself or through a real estate agent, here are 5 of the biggest NO-NO’s you have to avoid when it comes to home selling.


Hiding problems.
Hiding problems with the house (foundation, roof, electrical and plumbing) will create delays in closing when the home inspector finds them. Don’t think that he won’t. Do yourself a favor and address major problems before you sell your home. Or, at the very least, disclose the issues and adjust your price accordingly. Honesty is the best policy after all.

Pricing your home too high.
Your home might be in a hot market, but there’s only so much you can put on to the price tag. Rely on your real estate agent to determine the right asking price and caps for negotiation. The home will also still have to be appraised for the right offer price.

Forgetting about your pets.
Your pets may be your best friends, but not all buyers enjoy them. If you can, put your pets in a crate or keep them out of sight at a friend’s house. And be sure to de-pet the place before a walkthrough. It is very important to keep free of any trace of animals, or any other living things for that matter. You want buyers to imagine living in that house, but that won’t be possible if they see traces of pets or the house having been lived in.

Weird makeovers.
If you make home improvements, especially in an older home, be careful with your choices. Stay away from bright wall colors, redoing a room for a purpose other than what it’s suited for, and attempting a major remodel on your own. If you’re going to do some home improvement projects, consider the ROI first and whether your planned renovation will attract and not turn away buyers.

Not turning on the lights
If you have a showing at dusk or after dark, keep the lights on. This may require putting some lights on a timer, but dark and dimly lit houses don’t appeal to buyers at all.