Selling your home can be a stressful experience especially if it’s your first home. Aside from the emotional ups and downs, you will also have to deal with the intricacies and technicalities of the real estate market.


Here are some things only people who are selling their home will understand.

1. The out-of-the-blue visitor. So there you are enjoying your weekday because you have no scheduled showing when all of a sudden your phone buzzes. A potential buyer is a few blocks away and wants to drop by in a couple of minutes. After nearly dropping (or throwing, depending on your mood) your phone, you scramble all over the house in an effort to show a bit of tidiness and organization in your home (which is practically impossible to achieve in under 5 minutes).

To avoid emergencies like these, create an open-house plan and start decluttering your home even before listing the house.

2. No-show drama. After scurrying around in an effort to tidy up the house, it is very disappointing (and irritating when your supposed-to-be visitor does not appear. What could’ve gone wrong? Is it the garden or lack thereof or the view from the outside that discouraged them to go in? Go out and see what your home looks like from the outside. Look at your home from your buyer’s perspective. Are you attracted to it? If not, then your potential buyer must have the same feeling.

3. The seller-agent relationship. Your real estate agent’s role is to help you make the selling process easier and smoother. He or she can also provide advice and negotiate with the buyer and the buyer’s agent on your behalf. But not all relationship are smooth. When you encounter problems and varying opinions, talk about it with your real estate agent.

4. Pet issues. We all hate smelly houses. We all know you love your furry friends, but understand that it is not true for all people. Especially if they can smell it in your house. Bring your pets to another place and clean the house thoroughly to remove the smell. Spray some air fresheners and add some bowls of potpourri to make it smell good. After all that, step out then step inside and breathe in. Does it smell good?

5. Kids drama. Pets are usually easier to handle than kids, especially if yours are rowdy. When you have a scheduled open house, arrange for them to stay with a nanny or a relative.