iStock_000007731720_MediumWhether you’re a first time seller or an experienced investor, every seller wants to sell their home the soonest time possible. Selling a home is not as simple as finding a buyer. You have to follow a process and set a time frame for each transaction. You also have to  know what to expect and what to do in order to speed things up.

Here are some things to help make the selling process smoother and faster.

1. Ask questions. Do not be afraid to ask if you don’t understand a particular transaction. Your best source for information is your realtor because he or she knows the ins and outs of the real estate market. You can ask about the process involved in selling a home and the usual timeline for completing each transaction. Once you know the average timeline for selling a home, you now have a basis for improving your selling strategies. Your realtor can also provide you with helpful tips and advice to make your listing more attractive to buyers.

2. Upgrade. It is not necessary to spend so much money in upgrading your home when selling. There are a number of minor renovations you can do to improve your home’s value without spending a lot. Remember that the return of investment on home improvements is less than 100%. Make small upgrades like replacing your sink faucet or your light fixtures. You also have to address the needed repairs so no problems would turn up during the home inspection.

3. Price Competitively. Know how much your home is actually worth. Choosing the right listing price is one of the most important factor in selling your home faster. Selling too low means lower profits while setting the price too high results in fewer offers. Worse, your listing might go stale on the market. Hire a real estate agent who knows the comparables and can give you a realistic price.

4. Stage your home. Most home buyers start their search online. That means you need to use great pictures to highlight your home’s best features and selling points. Consider hiring a professional photographer who can take clear and sharp pictures with proper lighting and angling. These great images will inspire your buyers to visit your open houses or request a tour.

Making your home stand out and attracting good buyers is a whole lot of work. Make sure you get the necessary help from your realtor to help you make the right decisions.