Once you’ve decided to sell your home, the next step is to make sure that it sells fast at a good price. We all want to have pretty, polished homes to catch the perfect deal but big renovations are not necessarily the solution. Major renovations cost a lot and causes much hassle.


There are several ways to increase your home’s value in small ways without having to spend anything. These small steps can help you sell your home fast and profit at the same time.

1. De-clutter. Empty your home of anything that you no longer need. Remove items that don’t need to be there and organize your stuff for easy moving. You can sell what you find and you’ll be surprised at the profit you’ll get from selling unused clothing and furniture.

2. Be neutral. Once you’ve removed all clutter, take down everything that’s hanging on your walls like photographs, wall decor, mementos, etc, and paint the wall a neutral color. You can use white, beige or any neutral color. It helps your potential buyers imagine themselves living in your home. A blank slate gets them excited to make the home their own.

3. De-clutter outside. Don’t forget to clean up your yard and lawn after cleaning up the inside of your home. Replace or repaint old fences and hire a gardener to trim your hedges or lay down new grass. You can also hire landscaping services to freshen up your garden and plant new flowers. With the spring coming around the corner, this is the perfect opportunity to liven up your garden. By the time the spring comes, your garden will serve as an attraction because of the colorful and beautiful plants.

4. Re-do your hardwood floors. You can make a huge change by improving your flooring. Sand down your wooden floors, re-varnish them and then re-stain them. You’ll be surprised at how much different your house would look with your newly varnished floor.