Hispanic family outside home for rentIf you’re choosing between two similar rentals, what factor would make you choose one over the other? Do you choose the rental with more storage or would you choose the smaller one that’s in a better location? It’s a different choice for every renter. We all have different requirements that are reflected in how we choose our home.

However, according to a research done by Cozy, which is a tenant-screening and payment business, there are some amenities that most renters are actually looking for in a rental unit.
1. Walk in closet. It might be unnecessary to some renters, but 70% of the survey responders has put this on their list. This shows that people want more storage space not only for their clothing but also for all other things. This feature is important for renters with families.

2. In-Unit Washer and Dryer. Nobody wants to do their dirty laundry outside. In most cases, rental houses or apartments have a common wash and laundry area where tenants can wash their clothes. However, the survey reveals that 69% of renters want to have their own washer and dryer inside the unit. It is convenient and it gives them more privacy.

3. Balcony or outdoor area. Whether it’s a patio, balcony or verandah, more than 50% of the tenants surveyed prefer a place with an outdoor area. Not only does it give more floor space, it also serves as a place for relaxation  and for entertaining guests.

The most important factor though, is still LOCATION. Nothing beats convenience and ease of transportation. Renters, especially employees and families with students, would prefer apartment or rentals near the place of work or school.  Being near transportation hubs like train stations and bus terminals and major highways will also increase the desirability of the place.

The location of the rental also determines the kind of amenities that are in demand. For example, an apartment with garage parking would be a great deal in a city with limited parking spaces.  Rentals near green spaces are also in demand in the cities because they like space to  walk their dogs, go jogging or ride a bike.

So, before you go looking for a place to rent, make a list of the amenities that are important to you. This way you won’t end up regretting your decision.