Happy Couple Dream New HomeFor a small house, every inch of space matters. It is not easy to move around in a cramped room because you will always bump into something. Aesthetics-wise, a space is not good to look at if you just stuff everything in it—books, furniture, appliances, clothes, displays, etc. You’ll feel stuffy just looking at it.

So we have listed down 10 tips to make the most out of your living space, and turn your house into a comfortable dwelling place.

  1. Take out other furniture. Do you really need a set of tables and chairs inside your bedroom? You can entertain your guests and friends in the living room. You can also invite them in the kitchen so you can have snacks while catching up. Aside from tables and chairs, look at other furniture you can do away with.
  2. Arrangement is the key. Don’t just put furniture and appliances all over the place. You can buy wall brackets and DIY shelves for your TV, microwave and other appliances. You don’t need to buy or build cabinets, these DIY shelves are easy to install and will save you lots of room to move around.
  3. Minimalist furniture. If you have the budget, invest in furniture that are minimalist in design. This type of furniture maximizes  space without compromising quality and style. Get rid of your bulky sofa or your huge armchair and relax in comfy  and simple furniture.
  4. Limit your accessories. Do not put a lot of accessories because the space would look crowded. Choose your accessories. Interior designers prefer to work with a theme so you only add the accessories that are relevant to your theme.
  5. Declutter your space. Remove everything unnecessary or things that you don’t use anymore. If there is a furniture that you think looks out of place in the room, do not hesitate to get rid of it. Use your space wisely.
  6. Do not obstruct doors and windows. These entrances are meant for easy passageway and putting furniture or appliances near doors and windows limits your movement. Arrange your furniture in a way that you can move easily around and within the house.
  7. Use a light color scheme as much as possible. Though it may not affect the actual size of the house, research shows that spaces painted with light colors appear much bigger than those painted with darker hues. You can also paint the ceiling to make the room seem taller. Mirrors and large wall paintings on the wall can make the space appear larger than it is.
  8. Keep to your theme. Do not put modern design furniture if you want the room to achieve that retro look.
  9. Create visual continuity. Use monochrome colors for your house and avoid floor breaks as much as possible. Visual continuity allows you to think that the space is bigger.
  10. Keep it simple. Aside from accessories, it is also necessary to avoid superfluous design. For example, opt for simple curtain designs instead of ruffled ones.

What tips can you give to maximize space at home?