If you’re planning to sell your home, staging is one of the most important steps you have to prepare for. Not only does it help you make your home presentable during the open house, a perfectly staged home could also attract a lot of buyers.


While it may seem easy to dress up your home, many home sellers still fall for the most common home staging mistakes. We’ve put together this list of staging errors for you to watch out for.

1. Too Much Furniture.

Pay careful attention to the amount of furniture in each room of your home. Filling a house with excess furniture is a very common staging mistake — if the furniture barely fits, buyers will have a hard time imagining how they’ll make their everyday lives, and their own furniture, fit into the same space.

2. Too Much Color.

Extreme colors or patterns on walls, floor, or furniture. Buyers have enough trouble envisioning a space without being distracted by too much color or pattern.

3. Household Smells

We often become immune to all the smells in our homes, from pets to lingering kitchen odors. However, newcomers will notice unpleasant or unusual smells instantly. Banish any unpleasant scents before your home goes on the market.

4. Staging Every Room

While it makes sense to stage some rooms in a house, such as the kitchen, living room, and bathrooms, you’ll want to encourage the blank canvas concept by leaving some rooms unstaged, such as guest rooms or offices.

5. Pushing all Furniture Against the Walls

In a large room, the space actually looks smaller if every piece of furniture is up against a wall. Try placing furniture at different angles or moving it out and away from the wall.

6. Hanging Artwork too High

Artwork and other wall decorations should be hung at eye level. If you’re taller than average and have hung your artwork accordingly, you may need to move things down.

7. Neglecting Exterior Areas

First impressions are important, so don’t skimp on staging your home’s exterior. Simple tasks like trimming the bushes and planting flowers can have a huge impact.