99cc21f220ef3222e3da0a48131d6edfWhen you first move into a new house, it’s only natural to want to put your personal stamp on the space.

Where do you begin?

Here are unique and clever ways to add personality to your abode without breaking the bank.


1. Throw some color around. One easy (no painting) way to spread some color around is to pile on some pretty pillows. Mix (don’t match) throw pillows in the same color story for a fresh and lively look that has a lot of impact without being expensive.

2. Hang personal photos. Getting a few favorite photos up on the wall is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make a new place feel like home, so don’t put it off.

3. Put your hobby to work. Why spend money on meaningless decorator accents when you can shop from your own hobby? Whether it’s the quilt you’re stitching, your music stand, or a painting in progress, display your interests.

4. Paint a wall or two. Picking colors for your whole house can be a daunting prospect. Save yourself some trouble and just commit to painting an accent wall or two now. Getting color on the walls will make your place feel more like you and can help determine the rest of your home’s palette.

5. Become a mix-master. Kick up your collectibles by displaying two different collections together. Contrast your vintage clocks by arranging them with your hula nodders.

6. Seek the unique. Rather than settling for a generic table or chair, consider something with a little personality.

7. Buy fresh flowers. A bouquet of freshly cut flowers, whether from the grocery store or your backyard, can instantly make any room feel friendlier. Make a single arrangement go further by pulling out a few single blooms to display in bud vases around the house.

8. Switch out a light fixture. Swapping a stylish light you love for a boring or outdated one can make a room feel new. And if there’s a space that could use an overhead fixture where none exists, pay an electrician to install one.